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Short sales Kent Cty

Are you looking for short sales in Kent Cty? Then you’re in the right place! We have plenty of experience with these properties, and we’d love to help you find the best one for you and your family. We understand these can be a challenge to find, so we’re here to make the process easier on you. So, go ahead and call us today to get started!

These occur when homeowners are forced to sell their homes for less than what they owe on the mortgage. This can occur when homeowners realize they can’t keep up with their mortgages, and they prove they have financial hardships that will prevent them from paying off the rest. Sometimes the lender will forgive the difference, but not always.

Unlike distressed homes, these homes are not in poor condition. Sometimes, the home’s value is the issue, as it will make reselling a house difficult if it’s worth less than when the owner purchased it. I recommend thoroughly understanding these sales before getting into these properties, but we can help you there. We’ll walk you through the whole process and get you ready.

If you’re looking for short sales in Kent Cty, then we’re happy to help you. First, we’ll talk about you needs for the house. Then, we’ll discuss your budget. After that, we can go over your options, and of course, go with you to see them until we find something perfect for you. So, if you’re ready to get started, call us today!

Tips for finding short sales in Kent Cty: https://www.rocketmortgage.com/learn/what-is-a-short-sale

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